Weekend For Jeffrey

The Conway family honored the life of Jeffrey by naming their Thanksgiving weekend trip to Deep Creek Lake the "Weekend for Jeffrey." It was a wonderful weekend with the family being blessed to have everyone come and enjoy each other company over food, games, and fun. 

The family would like to thank everyone who helped by sending food and snacks. We are very grateful to have wonderful family and friends willing to help cook for us. 

The weekend began with Thanksgiving dinner. As you can see, it we have so much to be Thankful for! 

Everyone enjoyed playing board games! We played anything from Legretto to Carcasonne to the obligatory Thanksgiving Bingo!

The house was huge and included a hot tub and even an indoor pool!

The Deep Creek fairies even brought us some special shirts.
"THANKS for GIVING Jeffrey, DCL (Deep Creek Lake), 2010"

The weekend was the "best weekend ever" as Savannah Young said, and I think we can all agree. We are so thankful for this wonderful family and the opportunity to spend our time together!
We will miss Jeffrey, but we are thankful for all the joy he has brought us.  

All of the pictures from the weekend. 

Weekend for Jeffrey